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Test Elo Calculations with the original FIDE Players Database

1. The Elo rating results of chess players are submitted to   FIDE   after each tournament. FIDE recalculates and corrects them if any mistake was made at the tournament level.

2. Then FIDE puts up the Elo results of each chess player for each submitted chess tournament into the FIDE Players Database as individual Elo rating calculations.

3. The FIDE Players Database is available online (see 8 at the bottom on how to find the link).

4. The test idea is simple: Open the FIDE Players Database, find the latest individual Elo calculations for any chess player and test Elo Calculator for FIDE against them.

5. Below is a table taken from the original FIDE Players Database. The names of the chess players are changed for Player A (his results are shown) and Players B, C, and D (his chess opponents).

Note. For rating calculations FIDE uses K-factors 10, 20, 40.

Individual Calculations June 2017
Player A Total change: 5.60

Provincial ChorreraChorreraPAN2017-05-02
Player B1798PAN110.334013.20
Player C1801PAN01-0.6640-26.40
Player D1897PAN110.474018.80
6. Below is a short explanation of the above table:
- The Player A Elo results were recalculated by FIDE in June 2017 for 1 chess tournament.
- Find in the above table the chess tournament name, town, country, and start date.
- The table shows that Player A played 3 games against Players B, C, and D.
- Rc is average rating of rated opponents of Player A (1832).
- Ro is rating of a player in a tournament (A = 1922, B = 1798, C = 1801, and D = 1897).
- w is points won in a tournament against rated opponents (A got 2 points of 3: 1, 0, 1).
- n is total number of games against rated opponents (A played 3 games: 1, 1, 1).
- change is absolute rating change of Player A without taking into account his K-factor:
  (0.14 for 3 games: 0.33 for game 1, -0.66 for game 2, and 0.47 for game 3).
- K is K-factor (development coefficient) for Player A (his K-factor is 40 for each game).
- K*chg is rating change for Player A (K-factor*change): +5.60

7. To test Elo Calculator for the Elo results of Player A for 3 games:
- Type Rating of Opponent 1: 1798 (Player B)
          Rating of Opponent 2: 1801 (Player C)
          Rating of Opponent 3: 1897 (Player D)
- Type Player's Rating:          1922 (Player A)
- Type Player's Score:                2 (Player A)
- Type Number of Games:            3 (Player A)
- Select Player's K-factor:               40 (Player A)
- Click Calculate and Elo Calculator for FIDE will display:

Increase:                 0.14 (Player A for 3 games)
Rating Change:          5.60 (Player A)
New Rating:              1928 (Player A)
Opponents' Average:   1832 [Real: 1832], rule of 400 points was not applied.

Screenshot of Elo Calculator for FIDE for this calculation:

Elo Calculator screenshot

8. To see the link to the FIDE Players Database, visit the chess links page of this site and find the link in question at the very top - as the first link, with explanations.

9.To see how the FIDE rating calculation system works, click Elo in Simple at








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