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The Home Page of Elo Calculator for FIDE
Elo Calculator for FIDE. Program description, license types, benefits, features. How to test Elo Calculator for FIDE with the original FIDE data. The Home page is the only place where you can download the program within this website

PDF eBook "350 Chess Endgame Puzzles"
If you buy this ebook, you will get free 1 PC license for Elo Calculator for FIDE.

How to Test Elo Calculator for FIDE
See how to test and be sure that the program calculates Elo results correctly.

The Program Demonstration
6-step "manual video", which shows how Elo Calculator for FIDE works.

Elo Calculator for FIDE Tips
Read and apply them to use the program easily.

The FIDE Rule of 400 Points
Elo Calculator for FIDE uses the FIDE rule of 400 points. The rule explanation.

The Main Program Screenshot
See the main screenshot of Elo Calculator for FIDE with all calculation results.

The Program Setup Wizard
See a screenshot of the program setup wizard.

The Program Uninstaller
See a screenshot of the program uninstaller.

Play Chess Online
Play chess online on this site.

Chess Links
Chess Links on this website.

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