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For rating calculation, from 1 July 2014 FIDE uses K-factors 10, 20, 40 instead of the old ones 10, 15, 30.  
To set the new K-factors in Elo Calculator for FIDE: Click Tools-Options, type 10, 20, 40, and then click OK.

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Elo Calculator for FIDE (Chess Calculator) is a powerful software to calculate all Elo results by the rules of FIDE. It is designed to calculate the following Elo results for a chess game or event:
• Rating increase (decrease) • Rating change • New rating
• Performance rating • Expected result
• Opponents' average, both FIDE and real
• Grandmaster and International Master norms.

Elo Calculator for FIDE calculates Elo individually using the FIDE rule of 400 points. It is being tested with the FIDE Players Database and Tables of Grandmaster and International Master Norms. This is the main screenshot of Chess Calculator and those of the Chess Calculator setup wizard and uninstaller. This Elo software is designed for the FIDE chess players of all rating categories. To see how this program works, click Demonstration. To enjoy your comfort at using the program, you are also recommended to read and apply these Elo Calculator for FIDE tips.

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Elo Calculator for FIDE (Chess Calculator)




Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8


Shareware. You can use Chess Calculator (Elo Calculator for FIDE) for free for 15 days. You will need to buy the license if you decide to continue using it beyond the trial period.


USD $14.95: 1 PC license. You may use Chess Calculator on one computer.
USD $17.95: 2 PC license. You may use Chess Calculator on two computers.

If Licensed:

- You may unlock the program with a key provided.
- You may legally use the program without time limit.
- You will see your name displayed on the Splash Screen.
- You will see your name displayed on the About window.
- The Reminder screen will no appear before your eyes.
- The Demo sign and Purchase menu will be removed.
- No any more the 15-second delay at the beginning.
- 2-year program upgrade if FIDE rating rules change.
- Free technical support provided.
- Gifted 1 pdf ebook 250 Chess Endgame Puzzles for 1-comp. license.
- Gifted 2 pdf ebooks 350 Chess Endgame Puzzles for 2-comp. license.
Note. Download Free Demo of the above ebooks (24 chess puzzles) here

A Chess Calculator award


click to download Elosetup.exe, 1.59 MB


- Run the Elosetup.exe file.
- Follow the instructions.

Test It:

- You must be sure that Chess Calculator calculates Elo exactly as FIDE.
- The most trusted source to test the program is the FIDE Players Database.
- See how to test Chess Calculator with the FIDE Players Database

Buy Now:

click to buy Buy Elo Calculator Now, $14.95 - 1 PC license/$17.95 - 2 PC license

- You are buying Chess Calculator for FIDE via secure MyCommerce (RegNow) brand.
- You will receive a Registration Code and the technical support e-mail immediately.



- Click...  0.5-second wait...  Get all Elo results.
- Don't wait 30 days until Elo results are recalculated by FIDE.
- Calculate Elo results easily "here and now" on your computer.
- Predict Elo results before a chess game or chess event starts.
- Calculate the Grandmaster and International Master norms.
- 2-year program upgrade if FIDE rating rules change.
- PDF ebook "350 Chess Endgame Puzzles by Famous Chess Composers"


- Option to set the K-factor values to others than 10, 15, 25.
- Option to save all the data when you exit the program.
- Quick autotabbing of the Individual Ratings text boxes.
- Quick tabbing of the key text boxes by pressing "Z".
- The Clean All the Data and Undo functions.
- Menu and Toolbar commands support.
- 4-icon support for the program's shortcut.
- 2-file Help System, the Tips Window.
- Click here to see more features written as 22 program tips



- Special thanks to Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard who was the very first chess guru to see and whose remarks were the most valuable to improve the program design.
- Thanks to the chess players from Armenia, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom who were participating in the beta-test of Chess Calculator for FIDE.


- To contact us, please use this contact form


- The program's algorithms are not used to navigate a space shuttle, but every possible effort has been made to direct Elo Calculator for FIDE (Chess Calculator) to run correctly, quickly, and smoothly.
- We will be happy if you find Elo Calculator for FIDE (Chess Calculator) visible, friendly, and simple in use. The program has been granted the "100% CLEAN" awards from Softpedia and Brothersoft.
- This software Elo Calculator for FIDE has been written using an original licensed programming set developed by the Microsoft Corporation.
- It is you, dear FIDE chess player, to decide if the program meets your needs. In any case, thank you very much for your time and attention.

Wishing you all the best,

The Chesselo Team

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